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For funds according to UCITS and AIFMD, we cover your back in risk management with the following superpowers:

  • Calculation of Value at Risk (VaR) including back and stress testing in accordance with CSSF-18/698 and Derivateverordnung

  • Calculation of commitmet approach (Lux) and einfacher Ansatz (D) according to CSSF-18/698 and Derivateverordnung

  • Determination of the liquidity risk - including liquidity stress testing according to ESMA Guitdelines

  • Sum of notionals / sum of the nominal values

  • AIF commitment and gross leverage

In addition to the classic "number crunching", we play out other strengths in the

  • Qualitative risk management for alternative investment funds

  • Creation of documentation and guidelines such as risk management principles and procedures

  • Risk profiles

  • Validations of the risk model according to ESMA 10/788

  • Determination of data for reporting according to AIFMD Annex IV (AIFMD reporting)

Risikomanagement: Dienstleistungen
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